Tamamo (玉藻)
Tamamo main
Gender Female
Status Alive
Famiglia Youko
Partner Shiro Inuzuka
Team Gs Mikami Agency
Weapon Kitsunebi (Fox Flame)
Manga Debut Vol 36 , Chapter 356

Tamamo (玉藻), Formerly known as "Kinmō hakumen kyuubi no yōko", she used to be a nine-tailed demon fox living in the royal palace during the Yuujō period. After her unjustified execution, she has now been reborn as a fox girl simply known as Tamamo. Though she cannot remember much of her past life, she still possesses various abilities of her fox self.

As soon as she is discovered the Japanese militia, considering her as a great danger, contracts GS Mikami Agency to get rid of the kyuubi; Tamamo is first found hurt by Yokoshima and Okinu, who, seeing how young she was, were unable to hurt her, and decided to take her to Yokoshima`s home, deceiving the military, who paid the Mikami fee, believing that she fulfilled the contract.

Once home Tamamo is still reluctant to stablish any relationship with humans, as the militia had hurt her, but she softens a bit, since Yokoshima discovers the exaggerated like that she has fora disch called "kitsune udon".

She First tries to get revenge on humans, but finding herself unable to accomplish that, mostly due to Reiko Mikami interference, Tamamo decides to live by herself, using her skills, and some savings form her past life to survive, wich causes problems on society, uppon discovering it, Mikami chooses to adopt her to both, keep Tamamo`s existance in secret, and help her integrate into human society.

Tamamo has a sister/rival relationship with Shiro, caused by ther opposite personalities, at the begining Tamamo acts distant and harsh to Shiro since their very first meeting, but after being put together to do hard works, and after watching Shiro putting her own life in risk in order to save TAmamo from a strong fever, she soften, becoming close at the point of being her partner in crime.

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