Doctor Chaos no Chōsen!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 2
Chapter: 3
Japanese Title: ドクター・カオスの挑戦!!
Romanized Title: Doctor Chaos no Chōsen!!
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Doctor Chaos no Chōsen!! (ドクター・カオスの挑戦!!, "Doctor Chaos's Challenge!") is the eleventh chapter of the manga Ghost Sweeper Mikami: Gokuraku Daisakusen!!.


Late at night, Tadao Yokoshima is going out of a shop with instant noodles, complaying that his salary of 250 Yen is not enough for a good living. In his way back home he sees a cute girl and asks her to come with him. She grabs Yokoshima, who thinks she likes her, but an old man appears behind him and Yokoshima screams. Later in the Mikami Ghost Sweeper Office, Meiko Rokudō tells Reiko Mikami that she met the famous alchemist Doctor Chaos in the airport and got his autograph. Doctor Chaos went to Japan for "secret" reasons, telling Meiko that he is looking for someone with high spiritual energy to exchange his old body with the one he finds. He asks Meiko if she knows someone like that, and she tells everything she knows about Mikami, warning Mikami that her office is not safe. Mikami gets angry with Meiko, and the naive girl doesn't understand why as she warned her friend of the danger.

Somewhere, Doctor Chaos exchanges his body with Yokoshima to approach Mikami, Maria holds Dr. Chaos (in Yokoshima's body), and Yokoshima takes the opportunity to escape. Dr. Chaos orders her to catch him, and he goes after Mikami. Yokoshima calls the office and tries to warn Mikami, but Maria appears and crushes the phone. Dr. Chaos arrives and captures Okinu in a bottle, and when Mikami goes out of the shower, she kicks Yokoshima, realizing that Dr. Chaos is in his body due to him not acting lecherously. As he can't do anything with a normal body, Dr. Chaos retreats by using a device to undo the body change. Unfortunately for Yokoshima, Mikami thinks he is acting and starts attacking, and Dr. Chaos is pummeled by Maria.

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