Pietro de Bloodeau (Pete)
Gender Male
Age 700 (chronologically)

15 or 18 (physical appearance)

Status Alive
Family Count Bloodeau (father)
Seiyu Toshiyuki Morikawa
Manga Debut Volume 3 Report 6
Anime Debut Episode 15

Pietro de Bloodeau (ピエトロ・ド・ブラドー Pietoro do Buradō), usually refered as "Pete" (ピート Pīto) is a 700-year-old half vampire son of Count Bloodeau, and a friendly character.

Despite being a vampire he is a Catholic believer, currently a disciple of Father Karasu learning the Catholic exorcism rites, just like Reiko Mikami did in the past.

Pete has a calm, understanding and patient attitude, very similar to that of his mentor, although he shows some insecurity towards important decitions.

His future plan is to joining the ICPO, so in addition to training with Father Karasu, he registers himself to the same school as Yokoshima,.

Pete's personality and handsome look, make him very popular always being surrounded by girls causing them to ignore his friends Yokoshima and Tiger who feel constantly frustrated. Emi Ogasawara has a very hard crush on him, at the point of ignoring her own assistance's sake if Pete is around.
Date pate

Pete as seen on the Manga (on the right)

Pete constantly reproaches Mikami since her avarice has come out of control to the point of charging her own mentor for her services, specially since Pete is fully aware of Karasu's bad economic situation.

He becomes an important part of the GS team being present during all the important eventes of the series fighting on a second line behind Mikami and Yokoshima.

Pietro Managed to get his professional licence the same day as Yokoshima, although he couldent rise upper in the spiritualists rank since he lost his fight to Yukinojo Date, in wich Date's partners cheated on him; even if this was not the desire of Date.

Pete is seen alive onyear 2199 in a premonitory dream shared by Mikami and Yokoshima, in wich he is seen as a high rank ICPO member.

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