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Ghost Sweeper Mikami (GS美神) is an anime made by Toei Animation based on a manga created by Takashi Shiina named Ghost Sweeper Mikami: Gokuraku Daisakusen!!. The anime covers most of the first nine volumes of the manga (which had a total of 39 volumes) adapting them as a 45-episode anime television series which ran on TV Asahi and the Asahi Broadcasting Corporation from 1993–1994 in Japan. The anime lead to the release of a movie, which had been the only existence of Mikami in the United States (released by Manga Video) until it became available on Toei's YouTube channel.

The TV series had a regular reception in Japan, since there where much complaints from the manga fans, who put high espectations on the anime being the adaptation of an award winning manga. But on the other hand GS Mikami was really popular in other markets, like South America, where it had a Spanish dub.


Episode Japanese title English title Original run Manga
Episode 1ボディコン除霊師登場! Here Comes the Super Sexy Exorcist April 11, 1993 Report 1
Report 2
Episode 2強盗に明日はない! Armed Robbers Have No Tomorrow! April 18, 1993 Report 4
Episode 3呪いの人形帝国!! The Empire of Haunted Dolls!! April 25, 1993 Report 6
Episode 4宇宙ゴースト退治!! Ghost Sweeper in Space!! May 2, 1993 Report 5
Episode 5幽霊屋敷の遠吠え! The Howling of the Haunted Mansion! May 9, 1993 Report 12
Episode 6お嬢さま除霊師! The Princess Exorcist! May 16, 1993 Report 10
Episode 7Dr.カオスの挑戦! Dr. Chaos' Challenge! May 23, 1993 Report 11
Episode 8愛は時間を越えて! Love Overcomes the Test of Time! May 30, 1993 Report 13-14
Episode 9お願いチューして!! Please Kiss Me!! June 6, 1993 Report 15-16
Episode 10式神を捜せ!! Find the Shikigami!! June 13, 1993 Report 19
Episode 11霊列車で行こう!! Let's Take the Ghost Train!! June 20, 1993 Report 24
Episode 12厄珍堂にご用心!? Beware of Yakuchin-do!? June 27, 1993 Report 18
Episode 13宿敵!ライバル小笠原エミ! Rival Emi Ogasawara! July 4, 1993 Report 20-22
Episode 14夏だプールだ妖怪だ Summer! Pool! Monsters! July 11, 1993 Report 51
Episode 15地中海に全員集合! Assemble at the Mediterranean Sea! July 18, 1993 Report 25-26
Episode 16吸血鬼を眠らせろ! Put The Vampire To Sleep! July 25, 1993 Report 27-28
Episode 17夏の海は誘惑だらけ Temptations on the Summer Beach August 1, 1993 Report 7
Episode 18縮みゆく美神!! Shrinking Mikami!! August 15, 1993 Report 29
Episode 19幽霊潜水艦を追え! Chase the Ghost Submarine! August 22, 1993 Report 8
Episode 20極楽スマッシュ! Heavenly Smash! August 29, 1993 Report 54
Episode 21みんな子供になれ!! Everyone, Turn Into A Kid!! September 5, 1993 Report 43-46
Episode 22悪魔パイパーの逆襲 Devil Piper's Revenge September 12, 1993 Report 46-49
Episode 23ドラゴンへの道!! The Path to the Dragon!! September 19, 1993 Report 32-34
Episode 24ドラゴン怒りの暴走 Runaway Dragon in a Rage September 26, 1993 Report 35-36
Episode 25ヤマタイ国のヒミコ Himiko of the Yamatai Kingdom October 3, 1993 Report 42
Episode 26勇者・美神の冒険! The Adventure of Heroine Mikami October 10, 1993 Report 17
Episode 27マリア純情一直線! Pure-Hearted Maria in Love! October 17, 1993 Report 52-53
Episode 28ドラゴンの王子!! Dragon Prince!! October 24, 1993 Report 64-67
Episode 29ドラゴン危機一髪!! Dragon in Imminent Danger!! October 31, 1993 Report 67-68
Episode 30妖刀シメサバ丸見参 Here Comes the Devilish Sword Shimesaba-Maru! November 14, 1993 Report 30
Episode 31空とぶ魔法のホウキ Flying Magic Broom November 21, 1993 Report 50
Episode 32令子・結婚します!? I, Reiko, Will Marry You!? November 28, 1993 Report 31
Episode 33マネキン人形が招く Mannequins Are Calling You December 5, 1993 Report 38
Episode 34妖怪ハイスクール Ghostly High School December 12, 1993 Report 39-41
Episode 35サンタの贈りもの! The Santa Clause's Gift! December 19, 1993 Report 70
Episode 36おキヌのクリスマス Okinu's Christmas December 26, 1993 Report 23
Report 37
Episode 37バトル謹賀新年!! The Battle of the New Year!! January 9, 1994 Report 71
Episode 38受験生ブルース The College Examinee's Blues January 16, 1994 Report 73
Episode 39マリアの妹 Maria's Sister January 23, 1994 Report 79-80
Episode 40マリアとテレサ Maria and Teresa January 30, 1994 Report 81
Episode 41熱闘!雪の女王 The Fierce Battle with The Snow Queen! February 6, 1994 Report 72
Episode 42チョコあげます!! Here's My Chocolate!! February 13, 1994 Report 63
Report 78
Episode 43夢の中へ! Into The Dream! February 20, 1994 Report 58-59
Episode 44地獄のナイトメア The Hellish Nightmare February 27, 1994 Report 60-61
Episode 45GSより愛をこめて With Love From Ghost Sweepers March 6, 1994 Report 88


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