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お願いチューして!! is the ninth episode of the anime Ghost Sweeper Mikami. It is based on the manga Volume 2 Report 7 and Volume 2 Report 8. It first aired in Japan on June 6, 1993.


This episode continues from where episode 8 ended. Tadao Yokoshima sees Reiko Mikami and asks her to kiss him, but he has no luck and follows her. Yokoshima finds Mikami assisting Kazuhiro Karasu and plans to use the gentle Karusu to get a kiss from Mikami. Yokoshima enters Karusu's church and pretends to be possessed by a ghost that will kill Yokoshima if he doesn't get a kiss from Mikami. Karusu tries to convince Mikami to help the boy, but she tricks Karusu and knocks him down with a chair to avoid kissing Yokoshima, discovering his trick. A real possessed person appears and attacks them, but Mikami isn't skilled enough to fight against it. Yokoshima gives her the Jinzū Kon and asks her to try using it, and she successfully exorcises the spirit and the person returns to normal. After the battle, Yokoshima returns further in time. This time Yokoshima returns to the time he was baby, and starts crying non stop as he will definitely be unable to find Mikami and obtain a kiss from her. Yokoshima's mother tries to calm him, and for his luck, a very young Mikami was in the same park and sees the baby crying. She kisses him and he calms down, and he returns to the present, avoiding his tragic fate.

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