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マリア純情一直線! is the 27th episode of the anime Ghost Sweeper Mikami. It is based on the manga Volume 6 Report 1 and Report 2. It first aired in Japan on October 17, 1993.


Doctor Chaos is inside Yakuchindou alongside Maria and is trying to make business with Yakuchin to obtain money and pay his rent to the Landlord. Tadao Yokoshima and Okinu arrive to obtain something Reiko Mikami requested, but as Yakuchin is busy, he tells them to get it themselves. While searching the shop, Yokoshima notices a love potion in a high shelf, and as no one is looking to him he tries to get the potion to use on Mikami. He accidentally makes the potion fall and breaks the glass, making it splash on Maria and a statue. Maria falls in love for Yokoshima and tries to huge him, breaking a wall while approaching him. Yokoshima is scared with Maria's behavior and Yakuchin says that the potion was taken out of business due to its strong effect, which caused a person under its effect to kill another with hugs. As Maria is a robot, one hug from her can break Yokoshima in half, and he starts running away in fear. Ignoring Dr. Chaos' orders, Maria follows Yokoshima.

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