Episode title.

みんな子供になれ!! is the 21th episode of the anime Ghost Sweeper Mikami. It is based on the manga Volume 5 Report 2, Report 3, Report 4 and the beginning of Report 5. It first aired in Japan on September 5, 1993.


Reiko Mikami became a kid and was found by Tadao Yokoshima and Okinu. They take Mikami to Father Karasu's church to discover what happened and are attacked by the devil Piper, which transforms Karasu and Pete into kids. Yokoshima manages to escape with Mikami, but when Yokoshima tries to call Meiko Rokudou for help, the Piper locates them by the phone and tries to catch Mikami, but they manage to escape again and hide in a hotel. Angry, the Piper orders several rats to search for them. While sleeping, Mikami uses her powers to explain Yokoshima what happened with her and why the Piper is chasing her: The Piper wants his gold needle, which greatly increases his powers. The next day they take a train and are surrounded by rats.

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