Episode title.

吸血鬼を眠らせろ! is the 16th episode of the anime Ghost Sweeper Mikami. It is based on the manga Volume 3 Report 3 and Report 4. It first aired in Japan on July 25, 1993.


This episode continues where Episode 15 stopped. Emi Ogasawara and Tadao Yokoshima become vampires and are forced to work for Count Bloodeau. Pete saves Reiko Mikami and the other members from the group and they unite with Father Karasu and other people from the island. Pete and Karasu explain everyone on the island is either a vampire or half-vampire, but despite this they want to live in peace. If Count Bloodeau attempts to conquer the world, the island will become an awful place to live. Meiko Rokudou and her Shikigami are used as a distraction while the others invade Bloodeau's castle. Pete and Bloodeau fight each other, with Pete winning and all vampires under Bloodeau's control returning to normal.

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