Episode title.

厄珍堂にご用心!? is the 12th episode of the anime Ghost Sweeper Mikami. It is based on the manga Volume 2 Report 10. It first aired in Japan on June 27, 1993.


Reiko Mikami is ill and she asks Okinu and Tadao Yokoshima to collect Absorbing Talismans and bolts for her Reitai Bowgun in Yakuchin's shop, Yakuchindou. Yakuchin and Yokoshima befriend and Yakuchin gives him pills called Catastrophe-A that gives great power to however takes them. However, Yakuchin is only using Yokoshima as a test subject to see if the pills have side effects. A woman appears in Mikami's office and Yokoshima agrees to help her take care of ghosts, but she is actually a monster that tries to kill Yokoshima. Mikami saves Yokoshima, but as he overused his powers, his head becomes an empty shell for several days.

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