Doctor Chaos
Title The Devil of Europe
Gender Male
Age Over 1000
Seiyu Shigeru Chiba
Manga Debut Chapter 11
Anime Debut Episode 7

Doctor Chaos (ドクター・カオス Dokutā Kaosu) is an old european senile male known for being a prominent alchemist, exorcist and inventor with a genius level intellect. Even on present time he's still very famous among spiritualists.

Being immortal (or at least 1000 years old), he has acquired much knowledge of both the supernatural and sciences, unfortunately, he has filled his brain capacity so his brain forgets a random old memorie each time he adquires new knowledge, which leads to him constantly rereading his old books and a lot of running gags.

His greatest achievements are having held immortality, and the creation of Maria, a versatile robot that mixes long time lost Magic and Technology able to have feelings (to whom he gave the appearance of his only love).

Upon realizing his body is getting too old, he travels to Japan in the search of a powerful spiritualist to swap bodies, being told by Meiko Rokudo, that Reiko Mikami is the most talented spiritualist alive, so he makes her his target for a body swap.

After several tries to steal her body, Doctor Chaos falls into poverty, being oblied to rent a cheap appartment, and executing different types of odd jobs with Maria to survive, he wont be able to overcome poverty until 200 years in the future (as seen in a shared vision by Mikami and Yokoshima).

As an attempt to improve his economical situation, he managed to build Teresa, a second robot, more advanced than Maria in her logical processing, similar in power, but inferior in resistance; unluckilly Teresa was born with the objective of ruling over mankind, wich led to her destruction.

Initially he is shown as an antagonist, but as the history progresses, he turns into a common part of the GS Team, helping in both kind of situations:

  • Those in wich its needed to solve problems that require an abnormal level of inteligence, and
  • Those in wich spiritual power is not enough, so technological resources are needed such as Maria's fire power.

Even if he's well known among spiritualist, he still needed a professional licence to work as an spiritualist, but he couldn't get it since Maria showed her guns during the match, wich violated japanese laws that prohibits citizens from carrying weapons, so he is oblied to take minor jobs to live.

During the medival age Doctor Chaos asked the human Maria to marry him, wich she constantly refused becouse she knew about his inmortality, and she stated that her death would mean a pain to carry for his long years.


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